• Be early. It’s better to be 15 minutes early rather than right on-time.
  • Practice is very important for a player’s development and for team chemistry.
  • We believe that players who practice hard will play hard during the games.
  • Since we are planning ahead, missing a practice/game due to a big test the next day is not an excuse. We are building student athletes and creating the habit that school work is very important. Time management for school work and extra curricular activities is key to being successful throughout the school years and beyond.

Formerly Academia Basketball Club (ABC) is an AAU youth organization and is not affiliated with any school district. Panathinaikos Basketball is run by qualified and experienced staff only.

The boys' teams are school-year round basketball teams which include the basketball season during the school year and the off season program during the summer.

All of our games for leagues and tournaments will be played during the school year. We plan to play 70 plus games per school year calendar. This means several tournaments and about 2 to 4 leagues throughout Saint Charles County, Saint Louis County and/or Metro Saint Louis.

During the summer we will continue to play league games and then will enter our off season program where we continue to practice focusing on strengthening, conditioning, speed and individual player skill development. The last portion of some of the practices during the summer's off season program we will include cross training through other sports to maximize the fun.

Around mid August we will start with the season format practices. During the school year we usually practice twice a week. (Occasionally there may be practice 3 nights per week.) During the season format practices we focus more on team activities like setting plays for defense and for offense. There will be a portion of the season format practices where we will continue to focus on strengthening, conditioning, speed and individual player skill development.

The girls team will start their Winter season preparations in October. We plan to play up to 20 games which means one league and about 2 to 3 tournaments. We will practice 1 to 2 times per week which will include player's skill development and team concepts.




  • We believe having players play together as a group will provide them with greater success in basketball and will create friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Our motto is: Discipline, Sportsmanship and Pride.
  • We expect our families to have a full commitment. This means to plan ahead for your player to attend practices and games. This is your prior commitment!
  • Practice (YES! We are talking about practice!)






Panathinaikos - PAO Youth Basketball Program